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In 1989, the first conference for family child care providers in Texas ended with the beginning of the Texas Professional Home Child Care Association. The momentum created by the interest of family child care generated a dynamic organization dedicated to quality home child care in order to best serve the children, parents, and providers in Texas.

Within the first year, TPHCCA became incorporated and a non-profit organization. The association has included over 1,300 volunteers to represent family child care in the local, state, and national child care community. The annual conference, quarterly newsletter, regional workshops, and representatives in every region help the family child care community become a recognized voice for Texas children. Our Annual Conference has continued to enhance our growth and professional development for our members.

TPHCCA strives to maintain a healthy working relationship with regulators, agencies, corporations, policy makers, and other interested organizations to ensure that family child care remains an identifiable choice for working families. Additional details can be found in Members Benefits.

Mission Statement

“Working together to promote quality Home Child Care in order to best serve the children, the parents, and the providers in Texas.”

Our Goals

 To promote quality home child care in order to provide the best services to children, parents and providers in the State of Texas;

 Provide legislative education on behalf of home child care providers, children and their families;

 To educate and inform parents, providers and policymakers locally and nationally;

 To enhance the status of home child care;

 To promote home child care as a community service;

 To promote a network for home child care providers throughout the state of Texas;

 To promote professionalism among home child care providers.

 The map of Texas indicates the scope of TPHCCA.TPHCCALogo

 The housetop represents our work in our home.

 The happy face reflects the joy we feel in our profession and the children’s happy faces.

 The four sunbeams represent those involved in family child care: Parents, Children, Providers, and Texas.

 The rising sun represents the time of the life cycles of the people influencing childhood.


Are you planning on attending the 2016 conference in Houston, TX? Want to see where it will be held? Click on the link below for more info:

– Wyndham West Corridor Hotel – 

14703 Park Row Dr, Houston, TX 77079

(281) 558-5580

Upcoming Board Meetings
June 11-12, 2016

2016 Conference

2016 Conference Flyer

September 15-18, 2016

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